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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Spring Marker Print

Created on November 21, 2012 by ArtKat0508

Using Spring as the theme students carve a picture into a styrofoam. Then using markers and water they create a series of prints.

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2 sessions; 50 minutes per session

TSWBAT use their knowledge of seasons to create a drawing.

TSWBAT use printmaking skills.

1. styrofoam about 6x4" I cut them from the center of a plate
2. pencils
3. markers
4. paper 12x9
5. paintbrushes
6. towels or paper towels

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1. Discuss the season and brainstorm ideas that represent Spring.

2. Draw a practice sketch and then transfer the picture to the styrofoam. I have students cut out their own plate.

3. On the second day the students paint 1/4 of the paper with water using the paintbrushes. They dab off extra water with the towel.

4. Students color the plate wit the markers.

5. Water is painted on the paper again and dabbed off with the towel.

6. Then the student prints the plate before the paper dries. Adding the water twice works the best to get the clearest prints.

7. Students repeat this three more times to fill the page. They can change the color scheme each time.

Ability to use the theme.
Following the direction.
Amount of detail and uniqueness.