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Early [PK-K] Lesson Plan

Rob Dunlavey: Little People

Created on December 04, 2012 by lightARTed

Kindergarten students learn about artist, Rob Dunlavey who has created a series of magic marker drawings he calls "Little People". Using geometric and free-form shapes, artist templates, bright colors and most of all... imagination, Kindergartens create Little People in the style of Dunlavey.

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1. Students learn about the artist Rob Dunlavey and his Little People characters.

2. Students learn and demonstrate how to draw geometric and free-form shapes.

black sharpies
shape template
pre-cut geometric shapes

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1. Introduce lesson with PowerPoint.
2. Review/discuss free-form and geometric shapes.
3. Demonstrate how to put shapes together to make a little person.
4. Students may use shape templates and free draw their shapes to create people.
5. Outline with black permanent marker.
6. Color with markers.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[K-4] Students use art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner

Visual Arts Standard 2:
Using knowledge of structures and functions

[K-4] Students use visual structures and functions of art to communicate ideas

Visual Arts Standard 4:
Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures

[K-4] Students identify specific works of art as belonging to particular cultures, times, and places

Contemporary Art


Drawing, Marker