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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

My Favorite Thing

Created on January 17, 2013 by SmokyMtArt

After an introduction to the work of Marc Chagall--in particular the paintings of Chagall and his beloved wife who are depicted "floating" in the air because of their joy and love for each other, students will draw an idea from their imagination that depicts a strong/favorite wish of something wonderful to do. A border will be added that reflects the subject matter that the student has chosen.

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1.) SWBAT draw a one inch border around a 12” x 18” piece of white construction paper.
2.) SWBAT draw an idea from their imagination that depicts a strong/favorite wish of something wonderful to do.
3.) SWBAT measure and draw a border that reflects the subject matter in the main drawing.

1.) 12” x18” White Construction Paper (Tru-Ray 76 lb)
2.) Pencils and erasers (Ticonderoga and Pink Pearl)
3.) Colored pencils (Blick Artists Colored Pencils sharpen better than Crayola and color lays down richer)
4.) Crayons (Crayola always!)
5.) Marc Chagall art prints (Crystal Production)
6.)Brochures and post card prints from Seoul Museum of Art
7.) Rulers
8.)Prang Watercolor paint sets (16 colors)
9.) Paint brushes (Dynasty Fine Camel hair- variety of sizes)

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Day One: I will tell about getting to see Marc Chagall’s art work in the Seoul Museum of Art in December of 2010. Chagall painted several paintings of his wife and himself together—floating in the air. This was supposed to represent how happy they were together because they loved each other so much. Each student is to think about something that they like to do or wish they could do that (in their imagination) if they did it, it would give them so much joy they might “float in the air”. On this first day students will sketch ideas—maybe more than one to choose from later, thinking about which idea might they might be able to illustrate more clearly. They are to sketch themselves doing something that they might already do and REALLY LOVE, or something in their imagination they WISH they could do. The sketches should at least include the student as the main character.
Day Two: Because Chagall added interesting borders to his paintings, students will measure a one inch border and create a border that relates to their main subject matter. I will demonstrate how to draw an even one inch border around the edge of the entire 12” x 18” white construction paper. Students will then use rulers and pencils to draw a border around their paper. If time allows, students will choose one idea from their previous lesson’s sketches and begin drawing this within that border, remembering to draw their main character(s) LARGE as they are the most important thing in that work of art!
Day Three: Students will begin their large drawing of whatever subject matter they have chosen from their sketches. Remind students that THEY are the main subject matter, therefore they are to draw themselves LARGE!! (Refer to the Chagall paintings of him and his wife together). Therefore they should draw themselves AT LEAST 9-10 inches long. They will also draw their surroundings that let the viewer know what the activity is that makes the student artist so happy!
Day Four: Continue work on drawing and begin coloring. When the main drawing is completed, they may begin drawing and coloring the border. The border design should reflect the subject matter from the main drawing (ie: NBA basketball player/basketballs and uniforms; NYC/Yellow cabs and Lady Liberty, etc).
Day Five: Finish drawing and coloring both main drawing area and the border. Paint background of main area and border with watercolor paint.

Students will have a drawing of themselves (drawn at least 9 inches tall) floating over an activity that they love so much that they (in their imagination) might float in the air with joy! This drawing will have a border that is one inch wide and reflects the subject matter in the main drawing.

Marc Chagall

Modernism, Superrealism, Symbolism

Emphasis, Movement, Proportion/Size, Space

Colored Pencil, Crayon, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Math, Multicultural Studies