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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

"I am" Self-Portriats

Created on February 12, 2013 by ArtEngine

Students create a background of text that illustrates their positive attributes and values as an individual. A charcoal self-portait is drawn in a second layer.

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2 sessions; 45 minutes per session


1. 12x18 sulfite drawing paper
2. compressed charcoal black
3. vine or willow charcoal black
4. tempera paint white
5. brushes

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Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[5-8] Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas

Visual Arts Standard 2:
Using knowledge of structures and functions

[5-8] Students employ organizational structures and analyze what makes them effective or not effective in the communication of ideas
[5-8] Students select and use the qualities of structures and functions of art to improve communication of their ideas

Visual Arts Standard 3:
Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

[5-8] Students integrate visual, spatial, and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in their artworks
[5-8] Students use subjects, themes, and symbols that demonstrate knowledge of contexts, values, and aesthetics that communicate intended meaning in artworks

  • jennteal 08/29/2014 at 06:39am
    I am gearing up to do a project similar to this for the first time. I am wanting the students to incorporate some visual imagery as well that represents their life so far.