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High [9th-12th] Rubric

Middle Level Rubric (Self, Peer, and Written Assessment)

Created on April 16, 2013 by artclasswithlmj

This rubric is used with my 7th and 8th grade classes and allows students to participate in peer, self, teacher grading as well as goal setting and classroom critique. It also brings in a Common Core aspect by requiring students to write (which also gives a different perspective on how the students grasped concepts - great for differentiated learning).

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Before Project:

1. Students goal set on the rubric before each project so they know their expectations.

After Completion of Project:

1. Self Grade: Students use a circle to circle sections, words or areas of the rubric that they think they fall under. This may or may not line up with goals (encourage them to look at their goals first to see what is different).

2. Peer Grade: Switch projects with a peer and have them assess work (without written response) using stars.

3. Because there are no points, students don't worry about their score and leads to the last step which is the quick write:
a. Students hear and read a prompt that relates to the project - they think their answers through for one full minute without writing.
b. Students have 3 minutes to write as much as they can with good writing skills.
c. Students have a remaining minute to reread what they wrote and make changes.

4. Students finish this with a classroom critique - two things positive about individual work and one thing positive about overall class growth.

5. Instructor grades work and student's score counts as 25%, peer as 25% and my own as 50%.

While giving students' control in their grade may seem scary - I have learned that students tend to be more hard on themselves than you would expect. Encourage honesty and good citizenship and this will work in your favor. It also makes grading a BREEZE!