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Educational Fair Use Flow Chart

Created on April 17, 2013 by artclasswithlmj

I use this with students and teachers (who need refreshed) as a map of questions to lead them to the answers they need when figuring out whether they need permission for an image or not. Aka, copyright understanding. It leads most students to realize that if they are using an image or piece that they did not create in their work in anyway, they should get permission. It also helps them understand that when not recreating or using the work for their own purpose but rather for a presentation or inspiration, it is still important to have the source information in case something comes up. Of course, there are there are exceptions to educational fair use but if you read the doctrine carefully, it keeps you safe within the confines of the school grounds and in instances like presentations, nonprofit with citation, etc - once work leaves, students can do whatever they want with it and this is why it becomes important to stay stay informed and safe.

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  • dirkusa2001 05/27/2013 at 06:08am
    That's a very helpful map!

  • MrsImpey 05/28/2013 at 02:10am
    I need this for the high school students!