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Elementary [1st-5th] Worksheet

Value Worksheet

Created on October 20, 2011 by imagiNATION

A simple worksheet to introduce value. Goes with the Value Skyline lesson.

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  • KNOdum 06/18/2012 at 02:54pm
    What medium do you use for this kind of worksheet?

  • imagiNATION 07/04/2012 at 07:28pm
    I had some classes do it all with oil pastel and then as a little experiment I had some older classes do one column oil pastel, one colored pencil and one marker so they had to use some different techniques for each row (blending, pressure, cross hatching/stippling, etc). Both worked well, just depends on if you want them to have more practice with one medium or have it be more of an exploration activity.