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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Elements and Principles Book

Created on August 14, 2013 by Me1issa08

Students will create a hand made book. They will then fill each page with images that represent each element and principle of art.

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10+ sessions; 50 minutes per session

Students will be able to create a hand made book.
Students will be able to show at least three examples of each of the elements and principles of art and design.

12x16" paper (4 per student)
8.5x6.25" mat board or cardboard (2 per student)
13x17" decrotive paper for cover
Bone folders (optional)
string for binding
strong, thick needles
glue/rubber cement

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Part One-
1. I will start this lesson by taking one or two class periods to go over the power point. Students will have a guided note sheet to help with note taking.
2. As a requirement of my school, I would then do a reading/writing activity to accompany the lesson. In this case, I will use a scholastic reading that my department has.

Part Two-
Introduce the project. I first go over the rubric and instructions, and complete any demonstrations necessary.
Instructions for project-
1. Assemble your book. Use the separate book instructions as a guide.
2. Creatively label each page with an element or principle. Please do this in the order they appear on the back of this page. You will get points taken off if it is not in order.
3. Use the magazines found in the back of the classroom to find at least three excellent examples of the element or principle stated on each page. Neatly glue the cut out images to the pages of your book.
4. Fill each page completely! Three images could fill up the entire page, but it may also take 5 or even 10 images to fill the page. You book should look full and complete when your are finished.
5. Be sure to trim any images that might run off the edge of your book’s page.
6. Complete this rubric and hand it in with your finished book. Make sure you sign your book on either the inside of the front cover, or the inside of the back cover.

For this project I am grading students based on the attached rubric.

This is a new lesson plan, so I don't have any sample images. When we finish the project, I will add sample photos and change things as needed.

Variety, Unity/Harmony, Texture, Space, Shape, Rhythm/Pattern, Proportion/Size, Movement, Line, Form, Emphasis, Contrast, Color/Value, Balance

Collage, Mixed Media, Paper


  • paintpeace 02/28/2015 at 05:50pm
    I did a similar project but students built an accordian book and they could choose a theme to work with. However, the outcomes were not as visually compelling as what you midwifed using magazine pictures. Will use your idea next year. PS, instead of a "bone" Students used the rounded edge of a wooden ruler. They thought that was spiffy.