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Multiple Level Classroom

Ping-Pong Critique

Created on August 23, 2013 by MrsImpey

This can be used as a critique tool, whether it be individual or group. I also plan on using it for exit slips. See my blog post for the resources that inspired this critique tool.

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If I were the artist, I would have...
Are there any symbols in this artwork? Give an example.
What would you title this artwork? Why?
Does this artwork make you think of something else? What?
What style is this artwork completed in?
What kind of composition does this artwork have?
Would you hang/display this artwork in your home?
What culture and/or country do you think this artwork comes from? Why?
Can you trace movement with finger? Where?
In my opinion...
Do you see any repetition? Where?
What art principles do you see? Where?
What elements of art do you see? Where?
Where did the artist use contrast?
What art medium/media is this artwork created with? How do you know?
Does this artwork have a color scheme? What is it?
Do you think this artwork belongs in a museum or art gallery? Why or why not?
Did the artist create space? How?
Where is the emphasis/focal point? How is it created?
Is this artwork realistic or abstract? Explain.
What is the subject matter of this artwork?
The weaknesses of this artwork are...
The strengths of this artwork are...
If I could ask the artist one question, I would ask...
Is there rhythm in this artwork? Where?
Are there patterns in this artwork? Where?
Does this artwork have depth? Explain.
What do you think the artist wants you to see.
Do you think the artist was more concerned with emotion or realism? Why?
Do you like this artwork? Why or why not?
What creates unity in this artwork?
Where do you see texture?
Does this artwork tell a story? What is it?
Is the balance symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial? Explain.
What emotion or feeling did the artist create?
How was line used in this artwork?

I bought a box of 36 ping pong balls and wrote a single critique questions based on the elements, principles and art criticism. My blog post sites the original resource that I found the ping-pong critique idea from. Not only do I plan to use this for classroom critiques, but it will also be used for my exit slip procedure.

  • paintpeace 08/23/2013 at 04:19pm
    These are great questions. Thanks for thoughtful, thorough piece.