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Early [PK-K] Lesson Plan

Hey Diddle Diddle Shape Cows

Created on October 05, 2013 by MrsImpey

This is a Common Core aligned lesson plan for kindergarten. Specifically, it aligns with the first NYS Listening & Learning strand which is about nursery rhymes.

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2 sessions; 40 minutes per session

1. SWBAT identify and draw the following shapes: circle, square, triangle & rectangle.
2. SWBAT identify the rhyming words in "Hey Diddle Diddle".
3. SWBAT identify the characteristics of a "3 star drawing" (use correct colors, neat coloring and entire page is colored).

1. "Hey Diddle Diddle" printout or project on smartboard.
2. Pencils
3. Crayons
4. Drawing paper
5. Black Sharpies
6. Shape Practice worksheet (attached)

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Day 1: Pass out shape practice worksheet. Practice reading each shape word, tracing and drawing the shape. Next, look at "Hey Diddle Diddle". Discuss which words rhyme. Tell students they will be drawing the cow and the moon, and the dish and the spoon. At their seats, have them write their names on the back and flip the page over. Draw a shape cow, one step at a time, and have students mimic. Finish with the dish and spoon, and finally a horizon line.

Day 2: Review rhyming words in "Hey Diddle Diddle". Review "3 star coloring" / craftsmanship rubric. Have students trace all of their pencil lines with Sharpie and then color with crayons.

See attached rubric.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[K-4] Students know the differences between materials, techniques, and processes
[K-4] Students use art materials and tools in a safe and responsible manner
[K-4] Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories

Visual Arts Standard 2:
Using knowledge of structures and functions

[K-4] Students use visual structures and functions of art to communicate ideas

Visual Arts Standard 3:
Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

[K-4] Students select and use subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning


Crayon, Marker, Pencil

English/Language Arts