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Cindy Abbott



(Sanchez Art Center) Pacifica, CA

Sanchez Art Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, provides exhibitions by emerging and established California and west coast artists, education and engagement designed to make art accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and affordable art studios for San Francisco based artists.



1220-B Linda Mar Blvd.

Pacifica, CA 94044


Cindy Abbott


Ansel Adams, Banksy, Alexander Calder, Mary Cassatt, Dale Chihuly, M.C. Escher, Paul Gauguin, Frank Gehry, Andy Goldsworthy, Francisco de Goya, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, Frida Kahlo, Paul Klee, Dorthea Lange, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, I.M. Pei, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Diego Rivera, Mark Rothko, Frank Lloyd Wright, Andrew Wyeth

Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, African Art, American Art, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Near Eastern Art, Ancient Rome, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts Movement, Asian Art, Baroque, Bauhaus, Byzantine, Classicism, Color Field, Conceptual Art, Constructivism, Contemporary Art, Contemporary Realism, Cubism, Dadaism, Early Christian Art, Eastern Art, Environmental Art, European Art, Expressionism, Fauvism, Folk Art, Futurism, Gothic, Hard Edge, Harlem Renaissance, Impressionism, Indigenous American Art, Islamic Art, Kinetic Art, Mannerism, Medieval Art, Mesopotamia, Minimalism, Modernism, Neo-Expressionism, Neoclassicism, Oceanic Art, Op Art, Orientalism, Orphism, Photography, Photorealism, Pop Art, Post-Impressionism, Postmodernism, Pre-Columbian, Precisionism, Prehistoric, Realism, Regionalism, Renaissance, Rococo, Romanesque, Romanticism, Street Art, Superrealism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Western Art

Acrylic, Animation, Architecture, Canvas, Ceramics, Chalk, Charcoal, Collage, Colored Pencil, Conte, Crayon, Digital, Drawing, Fibers, Glass, Graffiti, Graphite, Ink, Installation, Jewelry, Manga, Marker, Metal, Mixed Media, Mural, Oil, Painting, Paper, Paper Mache, Pastel, Pencil, Photography, Plaster, Pottery, Printmaking, Sculpture, Tempera, Watercolor, Wood


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