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Inspiration [Conversation]

Contemporary Art use in the classroom

Started on Aug 09, 2012 by art2day
Last post on May 07, 2015

How do you, as art teachers, use contemporary art in your classroom teaching? How do your older students search for artists to help them with their critical studies and to inspire their work?

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  • RookieTeacher 09/06/2012 at 06:45pm
    I have several current artists that I love and follow and often look for opportunities to introduce my middle and high school students to them as I think they also might readily identify with and enjoy their styles and works. I may use examples of their work via my digital projector to illustrate an element or principle we are talking about or simply show them artwork during some free time or if I need to fill some time. The students seem to enjoy it.

  • lightARTed 05/07/2015 at 05:16am
    I always try to find a contemporary artist to highlight with each of my lessons, here are a few of my favorites you should look into (some of them I have lesson plans for that I posted here on The SmartTeacher...

    Chidi Okoye
    Soraida Martinez
    Francoise Nielly
    Rob Dunlavey
    Thaneeya McArdle
    Allison Murray Whittington
    Angie Vandenbogaard
    Didier Triglia
    Fred Babb
    Hans Silvester