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Everyone has that Sistine Chapel of a lesson plan—the one that seems to produce beautiful results yearly. Everyone also has that plan-the-night-before, less-than-prepared moment. Stop by the smARTexchange, where you can share and save lesson plans and other resources to help yourself and help others.


Alcohol Ink Paintings
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Neutral Colors
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Rob Dunlavey: Little People
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You’ve got ideas, opinions, questions and answers. So swing by the smARTdiscussion—you’ll be able to search, join, keep and start discussions on everything from “How do you use iPads in your classroom?” to “Who would win an arm wrestling match between Pollock and Rothko?”


Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
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Do you give art homework to elementary students?
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Colorado Art Educators
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Monet had his plein air pals. Picasso had Braque. And now we all have each other. The smARTteacher is all about building community and connecting people to people, ideas to ideas. With smARTpeople, you can search for and connect with art educators, art lovers and art organizations!


Curtisbias [ART EDUCATOR]
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