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Science Art lesson

Started on Aug 13, 2012 by aimeejones
Last post on Apr 26, 2013

I am in need of several art lessons that involve science! Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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  • MissMary 08/14/2012 at 12:34pm
    I do insects and plants,lots of great vocabulary is involved.

  • ArtKat0508 08/21/2012 at 08:04pm
    draw an enlargement of your thumbprint (done in abstract colors), a study in observation and fingerprints as identification, draw different types of weather.

  • bluebird 08/22/2012 at 12:16pm
    I'm doing a lesson next week on orgianic shapes after looking at dale chihuly flower and sealife forms. Students will draw a close up view of a flower (looking at an example) and for the last class, label the parts. They will paint the background using oil pastels and paint maybe watercolor over it, then draw their flower on another paper and paint it with crayons or watercolors and cut it out. For the last step they will make labels for the flower parts, cut them out and glue flower and labels to the background which will be on heavy paper to made a collage type painting. This lessons will last at least 3 weeks ( or more). Doing it for 4th grade. Hope it looks good for my elvauation.

  • rlaurenzi 08/22/2012 at 06:43pm
    Use magnifying glasses to look at pictures of plants, animals, etc to take note of patterns in nature, then draw natural patterns with color schemes.

    Use a balance from the science lab to illustrate the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical balance.

    Pour vegetable oil into a clear cup and then add water, discuss how they don't mix - draw with oil pastels and ask students what they think will happen if you paint over it with watercolors. (intro for any oil/watercolor resist lesson)

    Animals & habitats diorama

    Seasons - Display and discuss Andy Goldsworthy's nature art & how they relate to the seasons / Students go on a nature walk and collect leaves, twigs, acorns, seeds, flowers, etc, (during the Fall when everything is on the ground) and use them in a collage with a simple design (one of my favorites!)

  • lstoughton 08/29/2012 at 09:56am
    I do a lesson on different types of can Google many lesson plans on that subject and then have them make a cloud mobile with three types of clouds using cardstock with pre printed cloud shape which they cut out. They color one grey for the Nimbo Stratus rain clouds. They glue cotton balls to the appropriate clouds...stretched out for stratus and big puffy balls for cumulus. I hole punch the clouds and tie them on a stick (I collect from our yard) or purchased dowels
    (which i found at the 99 Cent Store) Here is a good link....

  • RuthByrne 08/30/2012 at 05:31am
    Wouldn't it be fun to analyze the weather/cloud forms in famous paintings? Homer and Turner come to mind as good candidates.

  • lstoughton 09/05/2012 at 02:13pm
    Good idea Ruth!! i will include that next time!

  • MrsImpey 12/10/2012 at 04:36pm
    I did an ocean habitat unit with my students. We looked at ocean life and observed the colors, ocean life, plant life, and human objects under the ocean. We did a "View Through a Submarine", which I have added as a resource on here. Then, we followed up with foreshortened scuba diver self portraits, with an appropriate ocean habitat.

  • RVArtist 04/26/2013 at 06:27am
    I have focused on clouds, storms, and ocean life.