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How do you handle Scissors?

Started on Sep 03, 2012 by jfrisco
Last post on Mar 01, 2013

I know that I for one have struggled with this question. How should I handle the storage, student disbursement, and handling of scissors?

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  • jfrisco 09/03/2012 at 06:48am
    My methods have changed over my six years of teaching elementary students. I think I have an "alright" way of handling this challenge now, but I am interested... How do other Art Teachers do this?

  • allisonmp 09/03/2012 at 04:22pm
    I have four groups in my classroom, and each group has a material center in the middle of the table. I put pencils, pencil sharpeners, hand sanitizer, and small wastebasket, small hand broom, scissors and glue in each basket. That way, the students will always have the basics for every lesson right there at the group. Having the scissors at the tables has been very beneficial in that I never have students walking around with them or anything else that could be unsafe. (It also gives them more exposure to having them around, so they don't get too crazy excited when we decide to use them.) At every group, I have a Material Manager that passes out materials within every group, so only one student is handling the scissors.

    Just an idea! I am always open to other ideas myself! This is just what I have found works in my classroom.

  • missfinney 03/01/2013 at 09:01am
    I also have 4 groups in my classroom and got little divided baskets at the Dollar Tree and then put enough scissors, glue sticks, erasers, etc. in each one for each student.