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A painted ceiling?

Started on Sep 05, 2012 by SoClose
Last post on Dec 20, 2014

Do any of you have a painted ceiling in your art room (or any other room in your school for that matter?) What support/opposition have you encountered?

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  • imagiNATION 09/07/2012 at 10:03am
    No, but that sounds very fun! In my high school growing up, Art 2 students got to paint a tile each year and their tile was then added to the main hallway. It was a really cool sight and a great way to let those hard working artists leave their mark. Also fun because I got to see my mom's tile from when she was in school and add mine near hers! I think the school was ok with the tile thing because if worse came to worse it would be easy to take them out and replace them...

  • lightARTed 09/09/2012 at 08:43am
    I have had 5th graders work in groups of 3 to 4 to paint ceiling tiles in the past. Each year they would do a different hallway and theme. For instance the main hall was abstract art, op art, and tessellations, 3rd grade studies South Carolina history so they painted South Carolina symbols, 5th gr hall students recreated famous contemporary paintings.

    I was lucky the maintenance department gave me a bunch of new ceiling tiles to start with and as they were hung up, I saved the old ones to use for the next year. I had parents donate gallons of house paint for the project and I made many trips to home depot and lowes for the oops paint.

    I preferred the ceiling tiles that were abstract, design, op art, etc... because they looked the best and could be viewed from all angles nicely.

  • lovetocreate 09/13/2012 at 04:48am
    Recently I acquired about auctioning off "painting a ceiling tile in the art room" and was told that it was not an option. However, I have been to other schools where it was done and LOVED it!

  • Jenncook678 09/28/2012 at 03:07am
    I have tons of support in my school, however it is a fire hazard according to the fire inspector and I've had to stop. :(
    Check with your school's regulations. Nothing is more heartbreaking than all that hard work being taken away....

  • AmyHall 09/28/2012 at 12:33pm
    I remember painting celling tiles when I was in high school and LOVED IT!!! I have also heard that it is a fire hazard :(

  • jfrisco 09/29/2012 at 07:44am
    I would like to do this as well. I asked my custodian last week. He said to "just do it" and ask for forgiveness later. I'm going to research the fire codes. It makes me nervous. One of the teachers I worked with years ago actually received a fine for doing it!

  • MrsImpey 12/02/2012 at 05:57pm
    My school won't let me do it...says it's a fire hazard because of the paint being flammable. However, the fire inspector lets me stack things on my high shelves about 6" from the ceiling, even though that's technically a fire hazard, because I use it for paper storage.

    I think it is just my school being super careful. They haven't let anyone paint any murals on the walls since the new school building was built 20 years ago, however I convinced them to let me using some acrylic mural paint (which I don't really think is any different from regular mural paint...but they thought it was!).

  • MsLundstrum 02/04/2013 at 02:04pm
    In our classrooms, we have painted ceiling tiles. Our Honors II/AP students look forward to it as a last hoorah their senior year in art. They leave their legacy, and our new students always ask about it!

  • MrsLee 12/20/2014 at 08:52pm
    I had grade nines paint ceiling tiles 30 years ago. They are still in the hallway of that school, while many renovations have occurred over the years. Students proposed their piece, drew it on a overhead film, projected and traced. I prepared the boards by rolling white house paint on the tiles. They painted with student grade acrylics. I haven't taught in that school for over 20 years, enjoy seeing that they are still there. I found overhead projectors on the top shelf of a storage room of the school I'm at now - they are priceless. This year I have used them to project to execute a school wide mural, make 3 foot Lego men for grade ones to paint, project images students drew and wanted larger - oh , the possibilities . . .