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Organization [Question]

individual students artwork storage

Started on Oct 01, 2012 by tala23
Last post on Feb 02, 2013

We have large clear bags on hangers. Each student has a bag with their name on it. Each class has their own section. For instance if room 7 are due I pull out the room 7's bags and place them on the hanger at the front of the room. What do you use for storing each students artwork?

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  • AmyHall 10/01/2012 at 06:10pm
    The bags sound like a great system!

    I teach multi-age classes (1st and 2nd in one class, 3rd and 4th in another) so I have big plastic tubs, for grade levels with a folder for each student with their name on a sticky tab. When I'm sending artwork home, I put the tubs in our foyer for parents to pick up their child's artwork. The tabs help to quickly find each kid's folder quickly.

  • remembertheshadows 10/02/2012 at 08:25am
    10" x 13" white envelopes purchased in the beinging of the year from an office supply store. When shopping around I found them this year for 14cents apiece.

    Each student decorates their personal 'Portfolio'. They are responsible for their work. All work, except wet paintings are placed within, as we know, "Art takes Time".

  • remembertheshadows 10/02/2012 at 11:21am
    Discount Office Supply. Purchase 10x13 white envelopes, Box of 100 = $11.82 Keep checking their web site. There are times when they offer a 24 hour window for FREE SHIPPING.

  • pencilsandpalettes 10/20/2012 at 06:40am
    I just wrote a post on How To Store Artwork For 750+ Students. You can click the link here:

    Basically, I have a large cardboard 'mailbox'. The students write a Class Code that tells me which slot to store the artwork in.

    I tried the tub thing, but I was so disorganized with that. Especially switching the tubs around on the right day! And the papers would drift inside the plastic tub.

    I imagine a combination of the envelope and my mailbox system would work really nicely!

  • Melissa 11/05/2012 at 04:30pm
    I teach in 3 elementary buildings each week so I've made things standard so when I go from building to building there is some amount of sameness. I also share two of my three rooms.
    - One Giant Manilla Folder per class. Within that folder:
    - Color Coded Table Folders (12x18 construction paper folded in half). 6 tables. Rainbow order. Only the current project (or unfinished work for those absent) is stored. Once collected/graded the project is either matted immediately for artshow and stored to artshow box or stored in the large grade level box. I am considering passing back work mid year (after grades) and end of year after art show. I don't like the idea of sending home work before parents have seen the grade and had a chance to ask questions. There has to be a reason that classroom teachers do not send tests home, right? These folders are also coded. I find that the large cardboard boxes that posters and specialty papers are shipped in make excellent storage containers for these items.

  • theclickchick 11/05/2012 at 04:41pm
    What brand are the large clear bags and where do you buy them?

  • akornblum 11/05/2012 at 04:55pm
    I teach 500 kids, k-4 and see 21 classes a week.
    I have a cabinet with multiple shelves and each class has a labeled bin and a labeled side of a shelf. Each student on the first day makes a portfolio (18x24 sheet paper folded in half). Portfolios always live in their class bin on the designated side of the shelf. I pull them out before the class gets there and the students know where to get their artwork and where to put it away. So far it's a great system, it's divided by class and even further, by each student. Makes it easy to have each students work individually in one place, yet grouped by class.

  • Creativechick789 11/05/2012 at 05:11pm
    Melissa, my system sounds similar to yours. Each student has their own portfolio pocket made of 2 pieces of tag board that are taped together on 3 sides with packing tape. (the kids make these and personalize them). These are kept in larger, more sturdy cardboard portfolios for each table ( has large flat cardboard pieces that I order:32" x 48" I think-- not too expensive, and I fold these in 1/2 to make table portfolios.) These are color coded according to class and stored under an open counter that i've rigged up with dividing supports underneath to hold them upright. That way, the kids can just slide them out when they need to work on their projects. Final works are turned into separate Class Portfolios stacked next to my desk. This system is no fail. I've used it with high school kids and my current 5th-8th graders. It really helps them to be more personally responsible for their own work, making sure it gets turned into the Class Portfolio when finished. After turning in, I grade the work, put it up for exhibition, then store in Art Show portfolios until our Spring Art Show. Process work is the only work that gets sent home along the way.

  • judlebug81 02/02/2013 at 05:02pm
    I have large plastic tubs (Rubbermaid or Sterlite) that hold student portfolios. The students make and decorate their own portfolios using Braum's grocery bags. We use Braum's because they have nice sturdy handles. We split the bags and turn them inside out. Then the students use a hole puncher to punch holes down the sides of the bag. Then the students sew the sides with yarn. They then decorate the front of their folders with their names in bubble letters (easy for me to read). This incorporates the making of the portfolio into a lesson in basic stitching and bubble letter drawing, then when it is time to take them home, the portfolios are enclosed (less spills) and have a handle for carrying.