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Organization [Question]

How does STEAM change your artroom?

Started on Apr 20, 2013 by Hope200
Last post on Sep 25, 2013

Please give me insight into how STEAM has changed your art lessons. My school is changing into a STEAM school next year and I would like your insight! What works, what doesn't? Thanks!

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  • Hope200 05/27/2013 at 04:33am
    Well for starters, you can't make STEAM without water!
    Secondly, art education should still be the main priority- it is in conjunction with, not instead of, art integrated into the classroom's project.
    Art still needs a fully functioning studio space, storage, water and display space and natural lighting. Room for students to work should not be optional.

  • akniskern 09/25/2013 at 06:23am
    STEAM hasn't changed my lessons because most art teachers already are doing the whole "steam" thing. I think we should always be integrating math, science, technology, and math into our lessons. Steam just made me think about how what I teach can translate into future jobs for our students.