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HS Art - Pregnant student

Started on Aug 17, 2014 by Marianne
Last post on Oct 04, 2015

One of my students is pregnant - due in Nov. I' plan to check MSDS on the safety of items. We don't have a clay program. Can anyone give me any quick tips or thoughts if they have had his situation to deal with? (Specific items that are safe and things I might not think of to avoid with that student.)

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  • AngelinePM 08/25/2014 at 03:02am
    I taught while pregnant a couple of years ago. Common sense on safety is the way to go. She should not be exposed to any fumes of any kind- no oil paint and mineral spirits. Regular tempera and acrylic painting materials are AP safe.

    If she looks overly tired, don't give her anything sharp. (I accidentally rolled my hand in a clay roller because I was tired!) Mostly, be understanding and flexible because its hard to be pregnant at any age!

  • aricad 08/25/2014 at 05:11pm
    Most of the supplies you use should be safe for all students. Stay away from acrylics and chalk pastels. Allow the student frequent breaks.

  • Me1issa08 09/16/2014 at 07:23am
    I had a pregnant student in my photography class last year. There wasn't much she couldn't do. To be extra safe, she was never near the chemical mixing area, and she wore gloves in the darkroom as a precaution.

  • artmeiro 10/04/2015 at 02:57pm
    I work in a transfer school for students who are over-age and under-credited (16-21) and many of my students have been pregnant over the years. I agree with keeping them away from any harmful chemicals, but other than that they are just regular students. I also give some leeway if they are feeling tired or not good in general but they are very creative and do enjoy making things for the baby. Many times I have adapted the lesson for them so that they can have it focused on the baby.