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Best Practice [Conversation]


Started on Aug 28, 2014 by cguy72
Last post on Oct 07, 2014

What was or is the best art lesson you've ever given and why? I am struggling to with students and teaching "the process" of creating, instead of the mentality of "the finished product."

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  • paintpeace 10/07/2014 at 04:43pm
    Well, BEST lesson--- this site is filled with great ones. KIDS do need a product that allows the creative process. A fun one is to give them strips of construction paper, a stapler or glue stick, and a piece of cardboard 5" x 8", or so. Let them experiment with bending, curling, twisting folding the paper in many ways and attach it over, under and through like a crazy roller coaster. They look cool all displayed together like one huge abstract sculpture.