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Multiple Level Teacher's Guide

Visiting Artist

Created on November 27, 2016 by Whimber

Give your students a glimpse of an artist in action!

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1. SWBAT define subject matter.
2. SWBAT identify the title of a work of art.
3. SWBAT observe an artist in action.

1. Real world artists available to meet and talk with students.
2. Internet.
3. Worksheets.

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1. Contact local artists to see if they'd be willing to come talk to your class. (look up their work and information to make sure they are appropriate for your school).
2. Talk with your administration for approval to have visiting artist come speak to students.
3. Call local newspapers to have them come take pictures of the event (make sure to get permission from administration...this is a great way to promote your art program!)
4. optional- reserve an area in the school for the artist to speak and do a demonstration. (I've had artists speak in the classroom and in the library. I think it's neat to take the students out of the classroom)
5. A few days before the artist is scheduled to visit, show a power point with background information over the artists and their work.
6. Have students fill in information on a worksheet as they listen to the power point. (I only did the worksheet with high school students)
7. Have students look up artwork by the artists and complete the worksheet. I had them come up with questions to ask the artist when he/she visited.
8. (optional) For more professional artists, I got some light refreshments. When the artists was done speaking, the students could have a refreshment. Some students would go and talk to the artists.
9. If the artist is willing, have them do a demonstration after they get done speaking or answering questions. (One of the artists I had speak did a demonstration at the end of the day and students had to get permission to come miss their last class).

Students will fill out the artist information worksheet. I'll attach the worksheet I used, feel free to edit it.

This is a great resource to use if you can't take students to a museum! Also, a nice activity for the spring!

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