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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Cardboard Sculpture

Created on December 17, 2016 by Whimber

Go green...or brown in this case and create a sculpture from cardboard!

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10 sessions; 50 minutes per session

1. SWBAT define form.
2. SWBAT give at least three examples of cardboard artists.

1. Cardboard (I usually went to local stores and asked if I could have the cardboard their shipments came in. If I told them it was for a school art project, they were usually more than willing to give me the boxes. Walmart was especially helpful.)aprox. 20 boxes
2. Hot glue guns (3-6)/hot glue sticks (500)
3. Box cutters/exacto knifes ( I had students put a cutting mat under their projects or scrap cardboard under their projects. Didn't want the tables to get cutup if I could help it.)
4. Tape
5. Acrylic or tempera paint
6. Paint brushes
7. Yarn or any other decorative embellishments students wanted to add.

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1. Show a power point on contemporary cardboard artist.
2. Have students fill out worksheet on cardboard artists and look up ideas for their projects.
3. Teacher approves their sketches for their projects.
4. Go over safety and procedures of using exacto knifes. I had my students check out the exacto knifes each day.
5. Demonstrate creating a cardboard sculpture. Show ways of softening the cardboard by rubbing on the edge of a table.
6. Students create their sculptures.
7. Add paint
8. Find an area in the school to display projects.
9. Have class critique of their projects.
Teacher tips- 1.The first time I did this project, I had everyone make shoes. Some students wanted to make other things, so later on I changed the lesson to objects. Some years, I had multiple levels of students in one class, so I'd have more advanced students make larger sculptures.
2. A lot of times students wanted to do this project with a partner, so some times I let them. I told them they had to double the size of their project from their classmates though. (If it got students to work, I was willing to give it a try:)

Students were assessed based on the attached rubric. They do a self-evaluation before they turn the rubric in with their project.
Students have a chance to evaluate other projects during the group critique at the end.

Artists Mike Leavitt was the inspiration for this project. I included some information about him when I presented this lesson to the class.

Students love this project! This is a great project to get the majority of class motivated to work.

Contemporary Art

Balance, Form, Movement, Shape, Space

Acrylic, Painting, Sculpture, Tempera