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Multiple Level Lesson Plan


Created on August 27, 2014 by Scorchard

A lesson plan for creating a 'yarn painting' in the style of the Huichol People of Mexico. I include this lesson as part of a unit on Mexico & Central America

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5 sessions; 45 minutes per session

1. SWBAT create artworks that demonstrate an understanding of contrast
2. SWBAT create artworks centered around plant and/or animal forms
3. SWBAT explain the significance of Nierika Artwork to the Huichol People

1. 6x6" Board (cardboard, mattboard)
2. Yarn
3. Colored Pencils
4. Markers

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1. Show students examples of traditional Nierika
2. Have students generate preliminary sketches
3. Go over Summative Nierika Criteria
4. Students will create yarn or marker/colored pencil artworks in the style of the Huichol's Nierika designs

See attached rubric

I use this lesson with high school students but have also taught it to fourth graders, it is very adaptable depending on how you edit the criteria


Contrast, Line, Movement, Rhythm/Pattern

Colored Pencil, Fibers, Marker

Geography, History/Social Studies, Multicultural Studies