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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Negative Space Texture

Created on February 11, 2016 by Scorchard

Students will create collages of found textures from magazines and demonstrate a sophisticated use of the craft knife to cut a complex silhouette out of the collage. Both the positive and negative shapes will be mounted on brightly colored paper and presented as a unified artwork.

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1. SWBAT create texture fields using found images
2. SWBAT use the craft knife in a highly skilled manner
3. SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of positive and negative space

1. magazines
2. scissors
3. glue sticks
4. 9x12" white paper
5. craft knives (X-acto knives)
6. self-healing mats
7. transfer paper
8. Tru-Ray construction paper 9x12"
9. 11x14" black paper
10. Hot Glue Gun
10. Book of silhouettes or a computer to generate/find them

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1. Gather a minimum of 10 full page, found images/textures from magazines
2. Use scissors or an X-acto knife to cut each image into slivers
3. Glue slivers onto a sheet of white 9x12" paper
- Diagonal, horizontal, or woven are all good approaches
- No white paper should be visible
- No two slivers of the same texture or photo should be side by side, this will ruin the abstracted texture effect
4. Find a silhouette and use transfer paper to trace the image onto the back of the white paper
5. Carefully cut the silhouette out with an X-acto knife
6. Mount the resulting positive shape onto a piece of 9x12" Tru-ray construction paper; do the same with the collage containing the negative space
7. Mount the positive and negative collage papers onto 11x14" black construction paper with the hot glue gun (the collages tend to be heavy)

Common Visual Art Project Rubric

Balance, Contrast, Shape, Texture, Unity/Harmony