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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Digital Hand-Coloring

Created on May 28, 2016 by KatieMorris

Students learn to use selection tools and the hue & saturation tool to create the look of hand-colored photography using Photoshop.

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2 sessions; 45 minutes per session

1. SWBAT use a scanner to digitize a black and white photo.
(or SWBAT use a scanner to digitize color photo and convert it to black and white.)
2. SWBAT learn the different selection tools in Photoshop and how to utilize each effectively.
3. SWBAT use the hue and saturation tool to colorize selections of a black and white photo.
4. SWBAT create unity within their hand-colored photograph.

1. Old black and white photos
2. Scanner
3. Student computers with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
4. Handout with steps.

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1. Introduction
-Show students examples of hand-colored photographs
-Explain that before color photographs people used to hand color black and white photographs.
2. Demonstrate using selection tools and the hue & saturation tool to digitally hand color a photograph.
-If you can't come up with old black and white photos, you can use a color photo that you first desaturate or otherwise convert to black and white.
-Talk about the different selection tools- polygonal lasso, magic wand, selection brush, etc. and when it would be appropriate to use each.
-Select an area of the photo, for example, all the skin, then bring up the hue & saturation tool.
-Click the "colorize" box and adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness bars until the color is correct.
-Repeat the steps.
3. Student Work Time
-Share the handout with students in case they forget steps.
-Students scan their photos and proceed with hand coloring.

I've attached a handout that has all of the steps and pictures.

This lesson can probably be completed in two class periods, but some students obviously work faster or slower. You could also spin off into fixing damage on old photos.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[9-12 Proficient] Students apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks


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