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Multiple Level Bulletin Board

All About the Teacher

Created on September 11, 2016 by rbteachart

I get kids saying to me all the time "Mrs. B, you should be an artist!" They really only think of me as their teacher. What they don't know is before I became a teacher (through Alt. Route) I went to an all Art College and worked in the graphic design field for many years. So to welcome them this year, I covered the back bulletin boards in the classroom with artwork that I made. It spans from when I was 8 years old all the way until I was working at different companies. They can see where I was at their age and how I grew through out the years. I put up little blurbs about some of the projects. They one up to be dismissed right in front of these boards so it's something they can look at while they wait. It's also been a great way for other teachers to see my background. It will be up for Back to School Night so parents can also see it.

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