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Early [PK-K] Lesson Plan

PreK/K Self Portraits

Created on March 21, 2012 by ArtfulArtsyAmy

Young students learn about texture and self portraits in this fun and funny lesson.

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TLW identify texture
TLW comprehend art is made using a variety of materials
TLW perceive art and the art of self
TLW create a self-portrait
TLW discover how purple is made

Liquid red tempera paint
Liquid blue tempera paint
White 9 in x 12 in paper
Pre-cut neck and face shape in a variety of people colors
Construction paper in a variety of “hair” colors
Pre-cut black half-moon shapes (mouths)
White paper (teeth)
Black crayons

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1. Demonstrate exemplar
2. Explain that during day one students will be creating the background
3. Ask students to identify lines in the background
Point to the line type poster and ask students to say if they see similar lines on the poster and the artwork
4. Hand out yarn and paint
5. Demonstrate how to drag yarn through the paint and onto the paper
6. Have students mimic
7. Students will “discover” purple. Reinforce this discovery by congratulating and repeating it.
8. Allow to dry
9. Have students identify their people color and select appropriate pre-cut face/neck shape
10. Hand out hair colors
11. Demonstrate how to cut strips of paper, allow students to tear if needed, but they must attempt some cutting
12. Glue down hair
13. Hand out black half moon mouths and white paper
14. Demonstrate how to glue down and how to cut teeth
15. Have students mimic
16. Hand out black crayons
17. Demonstrate how to draw eyes, noses and mouths
18. Display!

Color/Value, Shape, Texture

Drawing, Painting, Paper

  • mtnbrooke7 05/27/2013 at 05:42am
    haha I love the mouths on these! So cute!