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Drawing Challenges!

Created on May 24, 2019 by lightARTed

These drawing challenges and art games are great are fun, and great for end of the year activities!

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End of the year art games!

Funny Face Challenge from Art for Kids Hub

Instead of sharing a piece of paper each person gets their own sheet. Student’s choose a partner and take turns telling each other what to draw, switch paper back and forth after drawing each new thing. The results are hysterical!

Pictionary Doodle Challenge

Students use an online word generator and draw the word given doodle style! Make your own rules for this one!

Number Art Challenge

Students partner up and choose different color markers, draw a number between 0-9 for each other, paper may be turned in any direction and turn that number into a picture. Once you get the hang of it challenge each other to a 2-digit and 3 digit drawing!

Two-handed drawing challenge

Use two hands to draw a symmetrical image! Fold paper in half and tape it to the table. Use two of the same color markers and draw with both hands at the same time.

Left Handed and Blindfolded Challenge

Try to guess what your partner has drawn blindfolded and with your non-dominate hand!

One Line Drawing Challenge

Draw one picture without taking your pen off the paper!

Exquisite Corpse

Pass It!

Two or more players, the more the merrier! Teacher or leader may decide on a subject to draw like a monster, robot, alien, landscape, animal, etc. Everyone picks a different color and write your name on the paper. The leader will announce for everyone to draw one part of the picture and give an amount of time to draw, ex. 10 seconds. Then say “Pass!” everyone passes the paper to the right and you repeat until the drawings are finished. Share the crazy drawings! You can also decide not to have a subject where everyone adds one thing to the drawing before the pass. Of course this is easy to make your own rules for, have fun!

Blindfold Art Charades!

One student whispers for something a blindfolded student to draw on the whiteboard or chalkboard in your classroom. The rest of the students try to guess what it is. Make your own rules for this, can play in teams or as a group!
file:///C:/Users/christenhulsey/Downloads/Charades with Art.pdf
Invent your own art drawing game!

Comment below with more suggestions!

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