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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Identity and Art Reflection

Created on August 27, 2019 by paintpeace

At the beginning of the year, this can start as a symbolic self portrait with a short statement about who they are and what their portrait is conveying. At the end of the year, seniors present formally to the class, turn in their written work and “underclass” students turn in a typed (double space) statement with uploaded photos of three pieces of work.

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Students will write an Artist Statement.

Artist statements are about you and your artwork from the 10 months of art class. It is a thoughtful reflection of your work for you and the teacher. You will create (and seniors will present) an Artist Statement and Critique telling the story of your process, your thoughts and 3 examples of your work.

Portfolio of the year’s work.
(Filllable) Handout for structuring writing.
Computer for writing.

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1. Introduce the How and Why of an Artist Statement
2. Show video and examples.
3. Pass out “Activity Worksheet”
4. Students take out their portfolio or folder of artwork and
5. Photograph 3 pieces (demonstrate how to frame a photo)

1. Were three pieces used and photographed properly?
2. Was work critiqued using the handout as a guide and expressed in complete sentences.
3. Was statement concluded
4. Was work turned in?

A super brief and clear explanation of an artist statement. Very engaging for HS students to watch,

A part of a presentation by a student:

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