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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Abstract Names

Created on November 24, 2021 by KatieMorris

Students learn about typography and color schemes and use that to create abstract name compositions.

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3 sessions; 45 minutes per session

1. The students will be able to understand basic photoshop tools and functions.
2. The students will be able to create a new document to the correct size and resolution specifications
3. The students will create and manipulate text boxes.
4. The students will be able to define serif and sans serif typefaces.
5. The students will create a balanced abstract composition using serif and sans serif typefaces to form and arrange the letters of their names.
6. The students will learn about color schemes and demonstrate knowledge of chosen scheme in their abstract compositions.

Student computers
Adobe Photoshop

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Day 1: Use slides presentation to explain the goals of the project, serif and sans serif typefaces, and color schemes. Have students follow along to create a new Photoshop document to 8x10 inches, 300 ppi. Change workspace to “essentials” so everyone views the same thing. Demonstrate creating text boxes, changing size and typeface, rotating, free transforming. Explain that every side of the document should be touched by a letter and that all letters need to touch another letter so that nothing “floats”. Students should use a combination of serif and sans serif typefaces.
Day 2: Students work on their compositions, making sure they are meeting all the requirements. Remind students to rotate and rearrange the letters until they have filled the space and created an interesting composition.

Day 3: Review color schemes and students choose one to use in their composition. When students are finished, they should save as a JPEG and turn in to google classroom. If they have time, they should make multiple versions with different color schemes.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[9-12 Proficient] Students apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks

Visual Arts Standard 2:
Using knowledge of structures and functions

[9-12 Proficient] Students evaluate the effectiveness of artworks in terms of organizational structures and functions
[9-12 Proficient] Students create artworks that use organizational principles and functions to solve specific visual arts problems

Abstract Art

Color/Value, Shape, Space, Unity/Harmony, Variety