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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Virtual Learning Idea: Laundry Art

Created on May 16, 2022 by lightARTed

Students use laundry to make a picture! No art supplies needed!

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Students arrange laundry to form a picture.


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1. You are going to make a piece of art without any art supplies! This challenge is to make a picture using laundry and items you find around your house!
2. Watch the video read aloud book, "Anytime Artist" posted on YouTube or get the book. Art can be made anytime, anywhere, and with anything!
3. Look at some examples of Laundry art, I post a PowerPoint with images that students can access on digital days. There are many photos online and YouTube videos as well.
4. Decide what kind of picture you will make. Will you try to copy a famous painting? Make a picture you find in a book or the internet? Recreate a cartoon character? Or will you use your imagination to assemble your own picture using laundry?
5. You may want to put a sheet down on the floor to protect your clean laundry! Get permission to use your clothes first and ask your family if they want to create laundry art with you. It’s fun to do this with other people and you can you turn it in to a treasure hunt game to find all the colors and pieces you need!
6. When you are done, take a picture!
7. Don’t forget to put your clothes away when you are finished!