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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Alternative Self-portrait

Created on June 14, 2022 by ArtisticTouch

Student will create a bold self-portrait with an x-acto knife and oil pastels.

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Students will create a self-portrait using an alternative drawing tool – an X-acto knife.

Additionally, students will create a large-scale geometric/symbolic drawing using oil pastels.

An artistic focus is placed on creativity, contrast, repetition, proportion, scale, unity, line, pattern, space, consistency, symbolism and realism.

2 18” x 24” poster-board papers
X-acto knife and cutting board
Oil pastels
Pencil and eraser

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Students will begin by lightly drawing an outline of their stylized self-portrait onto their poster-board paper.

Next, students will use an x-acto knife (and cutting board) to remove portions of their poster-board creating a balance of positive and negative space that still reveals the student’s stylized portrait.

As students are removing poster-board with an x-acto knife, they will initially create visual texture and pattern by how they remove portions of paper.

When a balance between positive and negative space has been achieved in creating their self-portrait, students will create a basic pattern to remove any portion of the background that still remains.

Once the self-portrait has been completed, students will work with oil pastels to create a large-scale geometric drawing.

This drawing should consider scale, repetition, unity, and color scheme.

When their oil pastel drawing is complete, students will attach their self-portrait onto their oil pastel drawing.

Pop Art, Symbolism

Balance, Color/Value, Contrast, Line, Proportion/Size, Rhythm/Pattern, Shape, Unity/Harmony

Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastel