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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Funny Fish Faces: Glow in the Dark

Created on October 30, 2022 by lightARTed

Students learned about the fish silk paintings of Daniel Jean Batiste. Students used close up photographs of fish faces as inspiration for their funny face fish paintings using neon tempera cakes that will glow in the dark for our school black light art show.

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Students learn about the Caribbean artist, Daniel Jean Batiste.
Student learn to add humor to their art by drawing a close-up frontal view of a fish.
Students demonstrate a variety of painting techniques with tempera cakes and oil pastels.
Students understand the concept of fluorescence.

Pencils, watercolor paper, neon tempera cakes, neon oil pastels, neon puffy paint, glow in the dark Elmer's glue

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Students learn about the artis Daniel Jean Batiste and look at some of his close up fish silk paintings.

Students art introduced to the lesson through a PowerPoint and video: and and

Students choose a close-up photo of a fish and use their observational skills to draw it.

Demonstrate water coloring with tempera cakes and using the neon oil pastels to add detail.

Students may add an outline of glow in the dark glue of neon puff paint to add dimension.

Contemporary Art

Emphasis, Color/Value, Movement