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Early [PK-K] Lesson Plan

Jasper Johns Alaphabet

Created on March 31, 2012 by AmyHall

Looking at the artwork of Jasper Johns and creating an alphabet map.. ideal for kindergarten.

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3 sessions; 45 minutes per session

 Discuss the artwork of Jasper Johns, while watching a PowerPoint presentation.
 Create a piece of artwork hat is inspired by the work of Johns, focusing on the letters of the Alphabet.
 Improve their watercolor brush control ability by painting letters.
 Engage in discussion about the artwork presented by the teacher as well as the final projects created by their peers.
 Demonstrate their ability to analytically think about concepts presented in class.

18 x 18 white paper
Watercolor paint
Small and medium paint brushes
Water containers
Oil pastels

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Day 1 –
-Introduce students to the work of Jasper Johns by watching the PowerPoint presentation. Ask students to identify the objects and words that they see in Johns’ artwork.
-Display the finished project that the students will be making

Day 1 - Painting Letters
-Gather at the demonstration table.
-Explain that they are going to be creating a piece of artwork that is similar to Jasper Johns’ artwork. Show them the cards with letters. Have a student choose a letter and announce it out loud, also, have them think of a work that starts with that letter. Paint the chosen letter on the paper. Explain that the letter should be about as tall as their fingers, a little larger, but not smaller. They are to fill their whole paper with letters.
-Have students return to their seats. Pass out paper, paint water and brushes.
-When students are ready, have a students select a letter and follow the same process as at the demo table.
-Continue selecting students until all of the letters have been chosen.
-If students have space remaining on their paper, have them select their own letters to fill in.

Day 2 – Outlining the Letters
-Students will meet at the demonstration table.
-Show students how to use oil pastels to trace around the letters, building a “wall” to protect the letters from the paint that they will use to paint the background.
-Students will return to their seats and trace all of their letters. Be sure to have them fill in any white space between their walls and their letters.

Day 3 – Backgroung
-Students will draw two vertical and two horizontal lines in oil pastel on their paper, dividing up their paper into 9 sections.
-They will use watercolor to fill in the background of each sections different colors.
-Remind students to not paint on top of their letters.

When the students are finished with their paintings, they may take an “Art Walk” to silently walk around the room to look at everyone’s piece.

Jasper Johns

Color/Value, Contrast, Line, Proportion/Size, Space

English/Language Arts

  • rlaurenzi 04/15/2012 at 08:24am
    Great lesson! Can you upload the power point presentation?

  • AmyHall 04/15/2012 at 01:38pm
    Thanks! I don't have it anymore, it was saved on a computer at a former school I worked at. It was just some of of his images with easily identifiable symbols (flag, numbers, letters, US map). We went through the powerpoint and I asked students to name what they saw, giving a little bit of info on Johns' background.