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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Drawing with Paint

Created on October 12, 2012 by ArtKat0508

Using paintbrushes and watercolor, students learn how to use a paintbrush and contour lines.

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2 sessions; 50 minutes per session

SWBAT use a paintbrush.
SWBAT use a variety of lines.
SWBaT draw what they see.

small paintbrushes
water cups
6"x9" paper
student model

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1. Review types of lines

2. Discuss how to hold a paintbrush- let it slide and glide across the page add more water when it starts to rub the page, let the brush tip do the work.

3. Student models sit in poses for ten minutes first the teacher models the thinking process as they move through a picture. I tell them not to start with a shape for the head but to follow a line.

4. Next students start a picture and switch every ten minutes. If students finish early they are encouraged to add a wash in the background.

5. As they progress we discuss line variety, thick and thin.

6. We do two days and turn in the two favorite images.

completion 10 pts,
variety of lines 10pts,
craftsmanship 10 pts,
amount of details 10 pts