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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Jungle Imagination

Created on February 05, 2013 by Hope200

This lesson plan is about Henri Rousseau and his imaginative paintings. The students will create their own jungle scene after watching "Dropping in on Henri Rousseau."

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2 sessions; 40 minutes per session

SWBAT discuss Henri Rousseau's life and interest in painting imaginative scenes.
SWBAT create their own jungle scene using their imagination and drawing materials.
SWBAT identify art elements of line, color and shapes.

1. DVD "Dropping in on Rousseau" by Crystal Productions
2. 12 x 18 Drawing Paper
3. Colored Markers
4. Crayons
5. Checklist/Rubric/Exit Ticket Handout

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First Class Session:
1. Show the DVD "Dropping in on Rousseau" (27 minutes)
2. Afterwards review "Artist Notes" (Artist.doc) with students. You will have about 10 minutes to discuss with students.

Second Class Session:
1. Review "Artist Notes" with students. (Artist.doc)
2. Emphasize that Rousseau never left France or visited a jungle.
3. Ask students for their ideas about how he created his jungle scene in "Tiger in a Tropical Storm."
4. Make a chart of types of animals and plants they could find in their jungle.
5. Discuss the types of LINES in his painting, "Tiger in a Tropical Storm."
6. Discuss the COLORS in this painting. Estimate how many hues of green are in this painting. Suggest ways students can mix their crayons to make different green colors.
7. Draw a few imaginative animals using SHAPES on the board.(circles, ovals, rectangles)
8. Review with the students the 3 steps for creating their jungle. Because my students are ELL the steps must be repeated by the students twice orally, as well as written.

___ #1. Write their name on their paper. Have a neighbor double check.
___ #2. With markers, they are to draw outlines of their imaginary jungle animals and plants and fill the whole page. (Example #2)
____#3. Use crayons to color in the animals and shapes. Remember to use lots of different hues of green. (Example #3)

9. Pass out the Checklist/Rubric/Exit.doc handout. Point out that these steps are #1, #2 and #3 on their checklist. After they complete each step they are to check off that step in the left hand column.

___Step #4 is Creativity. Talk to the students about using their imaginations when they draw.

___Step #5 is Neatness.

___Step #6 "Smiley Faces"
When students are done, they are to self-assess using the Rubric of "Smiley Faces" on the right side.

At the bottom of their Checklist is their Exit Ticket. They are to color the 3 crayons each a different hue of green.

8. Clean-up.
Stack papers in the middle of the table. Put lids on all markers. Put crayons away.
Sit in the Mona Lisa position for dismissal. As dismissed, turn in their Checklist/Rubric/Exit Ticket to the Art teacher.

The students will do a self-assessment using the Checklist/Rubric.doc
The Rubric is on the right side of the handout, and they are to color in the "Smiley Face" that represents their work.
4 is excellent,
3 is good,
2 is average,
1 is poor,
0 is not done.
The Checklist/Rubric and Exit ticket will be handed to the teacher as they leave the art room.

1. DVD "Droping in on Rousseau" by Crystal Productions
2. Facts from:
3. "Tiger in a Tropical Storm" picture. Show on smartboard. (

1. "Artist Notes" template (Artist.doc)
2. Handouts from about Henri Rousseau biography
3. Checklist/Rubric/Exit.doc handout

Henri Rousseau


Shape, Line, Color/Value



  • RuthByrne 02/08/2013 at 12:27pm
    I love this video, I use it with my elementary kids too. I've found that using green construction paper as a based and then collaging foliage was a great way to stimulate kids to create a variety of leaves and plants. It is harder to focus on hues...but maybe the first step could be "making" colored paper with crayons and watercolor techniques!

  • Hope200 02/18/2013 at 01:43pm
    Good comment RuthByrne. Another way would be to do a green watercolor wash over the paper, and let dry. Here in Arizona the paper will dry in minutes. Then, they could start their jungle drawing. Thanks for the idea!