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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

Chuck Close Portraits

Created on February 25, 2013 by VisualDeyana

Students create self portraits in the style of artist Chuck Close

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4 sessions; 45 minutes per session

Lesson Objectives:
1. Given a photograph of themselves, students will trace and transfer their photographs onto drawing paper with the addition of a grid pattern to be used as a self portrait drawing.
2. Given a Powerpoint on the artist Chuck Close, students will critic various images of his portraiture.
3. Using markers or colored pencils, students will color in their portraits through creating patterns within the grid pattern mimicking Chuck Close’s style of painting.

Photographs of each student, white drawing paper, ebony pencils, sharpeners, masking tape, ink pens, black sharpie markers rulers, and a variety of color markers or colored pencils.

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1. The students will view a Powerpoint on Chuck Close and discuss the different concepts within Chuck Close’s portraits.
2. The students will trace and transfer a photograph of themselves onto drawing paper to be used for a self portrait.
3. The students will begin to grid off the transferred image of themselves using a ruler and peach colored color pencil.
4. The students will put color patterned designs into the grid pattern that is on top of their portraiture using the color choices they selected.
5. The students will add color combinations to the patterned designs they drew within their portraiture.

Grid System Portrait Creation Rubric (A copy of the rubric is in the attached lesson plan)

Powerpoint: Chuck Close
Handout: Grid pattern examples

Chuck Close

Unity/Harmony, Shape, Rhythm/Pattern, Proportion/Size, Line, Contrast, Variety

Colored Pencil, Drawing, Marker