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Middle [6th-8th] Handout

Art Substitute assignment list

Created on August 03, 2013 by jbucher

I have created a list of drawing ideas that students can complete in case I need to be absent and have not left plans. Students may self select their drawing topic. I have found this to work very well and often times, students will want to spend additional time on their work!

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1 session; 40 minutes per session

SWBAT create a self selected drawing .

1. Paper
2. Markers
3. Colored pencil
4. Instructional packet

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1. The substitute teacher will pass out paper.
2. Students will read the instructional packet.
3.Students self select a drawing idea.
4. Students work on drawing and turn in at end of period .

GREAT to have in a pinch!
Great to have when you are not sure you will have an "art friendly" substitute!

EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not worry about the state of your art room in your absence!


  • jennteal 08/29/2014 at 06:51am
    This is great. I really need to work on my sub folder and have emergency lessons with it.