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Elementary [1st-5th] Handout

Caldecott Explorations

Created on August 18, 2013 by asillisa

Students work in groups to learn about the Caldecott honor books. (4th-5th grade)

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1 session; 50 minutes per session

1. Recall art elements and principles and use them to critique Caldecott winners.
2. Work cooperatively in a group discussion and activity.

After the librarian or LA teacher introduces the history of Caldecott Honors and Medals (if possible create this collaboration!), students will further continue to analyze the honor books in art class by c/c the winners using art vocabulary.

Divide class into groups.
Groups choose 2 winning Caldecott books to c/c.
Write and/or Sketch the 2 book covers/titles on the handout.
Use the handout to decide which E&P are the most apparent strengths in your books' illustrations. Draw a line from the E/Ps to the sketch.

Choose one book and one EorP to explore as you REILLUSTRATE the cover in colored pencil in a sketchpad or on the back of the handout.

English/Language Arts